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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gareth Bale or Neymar who is better

I was with a friend yesterday, and he raised up an issue that Gareth Bale is Better than Neymar junior,so first and foremost he compared both of them, 

saying that Bale can track back to defend but Neymar can't, also comparing stamina Bale is better, Crossing accuracy Bale is better, Free kick-Bale.

 Work rate-Bale,pace-Bale, he kept on saying so many things to convince me Bale is better than Neymar but am here to give unbiased statistics of both of them, from here you would know who is better.   

Gareth Bale  
CLUB                          SEASON                APPS                GOALS
Southampton                2005-07                  45                      5
Tottenham Hotspur        2007-13                  203                    55 
 Real Madrid                 2013-                      3                        1
 International                                               41                      11
TOTAL                                                       292                    72

  • Likes to cut inside
  • Likes to dribble
  • Likes to cross
  • Likes to shoot from distance
  • Counter attack threat 
Has no significant weakness

Neymar Junior
CLUB                          SEASON                APPS                GOALS
Santos                            2009-13                  225                     136
Barcelona                        2013-                      11                        3
International                                                  43                       27
TOTAL                                                          279                      89

  • Gets fouled often
  • Likes to do layoffs
  • Likes to cut inside
  • Likes to play short passes
  • Does not dive into tackles 
Weakness - Defensive contribution

After checking up their style of play whom do you prefer, and who is better ? please  leave your comments

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